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Membership Moments

Membership Moments is a new collection of six fun video clips produced by the National American Legion Press Association (NALPA) that illustrate some of the pitfalls and best practices when engaging eligible members, welcoming new members and retaining long-time members.

The Membership Moments video collection is now available on Vimeo.com for viewing. Share these videos on social media, post websites or download and play them at meetings.

The Membership Moments are short well-done videos featuring young veterans in some role playing of the do's and don'ts in key membership interactions. It is clear the Legionnaires of Hollywood Post 43, who are featured in these NALPA videos, know how to do videos. Well done NALPA and Post 43!

You can find all the Membership Moments videos on the Vimeo web site @ https://vimeo.com/album/4787989
Here is a sample video.

Veterans Day dinner promotional resources

Online Resources

The American Legion
 SEP 21, 2017

Promotional materials to help posts, units and squadrons serve up a bigger-than-ever Family First! Veterans Day dinner Nov. 11 are now available online at www.legion.org/publications, in the area of the national website that hosts brochures, manuals, customizable ads and more from across the Legion's scope of activities. They are also available at www.legion.org/nalpa/resources, in the area dedicated to the National American Legion Press Association (NALPA).  

American Legion National Commander Denise Rohan is calling on the Legion Family nationwide to invite community members to the dinner in order to share The American Legion and to begin raising awareness of the coming 100th anniversary of the organization.

Resources include:

- A suggested timeline for planning the event, tips on getting local sponsors involved, and a set of message points that can be presented, and localized, at the dinner or to the press.

- Sample letters of invitation to local groups to attend and participate in the dinner, a press release, a sample media advisory, a downloadable flyer with fields for posts to provide local information, social media posts (hashtag #LegionFamilyDinner) and a radio PSA.

Even after the Veterans Day Dinner, ideas can be taken from the materials as needed to be used in future events, such as a celebration of the Legion's birthday in March or a Memorial Day get-together in May.

Downloadable files to promote The American Legion Family’s Family First! Veterans Day Dinner

Retention Presentation

A presentation on Membership Retention presented by Denis Rohan at the 2017 National Convention at Reno, Nevada during a seminar for new District Commanders.

$250,000 is spent annually by The American Legion to get members to pay annual dues!

National membership retention rate is 86%

100th Anniversary Media Toolkit

Presentation on the 100th Anniversary Media Toolkit. Good presentation.

(Click here to view flier)



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